Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Training Exercise

I am very excited about the prospect of gaming again with Private D. this weekend.  The only problem is that he left the period/game up to me, and there is so much that I want to play!  The other consideration is the ruleset.  I know that something simple, fast and rewarding is needed.   Using this as an excuse to play, I pulled out some modern stuff and tried to work out a one page set of rules that tries to incorporate all the things that I want in a modern/cold war game.   I set this exercise in 1987.  The Soviets have launched their diversionary attack into Germany to mask their real intentions which are, of course, in Sweden.

The Americans are ready.

And begin blasting the Soviet Hordes.

The main problem I was having was trying to find a fast, fun way to make a T-72 vs. M1 match-up not be a completely one-sided affair, and still having it have some slight basis in reality. 

Well, I think I have something that might work.  Regardless, it was a pleasant exercise. 

And there is always AK47, Coldwar Commander, Rapid Fire Moderns, FOW Moderns, and etc. to fall back on. 

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