Sunday, May 29, 2011

Oh, those beardy beardless elves...Game Two of The Chaos Vs. High Elf Series

Tonight was Game Two of the High Elf-Chaos match-up with Professor Elf.  2000 points this time.  Again somewhere in the Chaos Wastes.  Elves invading, or on some mysterious mission of Elvish Righteousness.   Chaos had the first turn, thanks to last game's victory.

The cunning Chaos plan was to charge forward and hit the Elven centre with four units of Warriors bearing  the Mark of Nurgle, while the two Khorne Warrior units would envelope both flanks.   This would leave Scary Lion Luke (my Daemon Prince so named by The Kid) to deal with the Pouncy Elf Prince on his Poxy Dragon.  Ah, plans...Especially plans made in the Chaos Wastes involving fickle Chaos Warriors.  For some reason my wonderful warriors decided that they much rather run than fight tonight.   I've never seen them move so fast! 

Everywhere there were soon Warriors running away.

 As for Scary Lion Luke, he couldn't do a thing against the Poxy Prince and his 2up armour WITH re-roll! AND a 4up ward save!!  And then was the dragon!

And then... and then there was no more Scary Lion Luke.  Oh well, it is always fun to play Warhammer.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

The New Neighbours

When the local Wizard Tower went up for sale, the village knew they were in for some trouble.    And sure enough, some rich Elf Mage soon moved in with his "friend", and his troupe of Harlequins.  And what a ruckus they caused! 

The local Constabulary was called in only to be chased away by these arrogant Elves.   Something had to be done!   The Imperium was notified.  Almost immediately a platoon of Space Marines were dispatched.  Unfortunately, they were from the Slack Chapter.  These are veteran Marines who are long passed worrying if their unit's uniforms all match. 

Anyway, when the Elf Mage heard about this, he hailed the closest Craftworld to request some help.   And zip...

The Elves were ready.

The local Constabulary tries again.

Elven firing is deadly.  And so are their rounds of Close Combat.   The remaining Marines try one last suicidal charge.

Looks like the new neighbours are here to stay.   Rules used - Warhammer 40 000 2nd. edition.   A really wonderful set of rules that I want to play with again and again.

Monday, May 16, 2011

10mm Fun in France

Just played a solo game of FOW using The Battle of Hannut report from Wargames Illustrated (276), and the Panzer Leader 1940 supplement as inspiration.

I'm too tired to write it up, but I was surprised at how much of a slogging match it was.  

Especially so since I gave the French De Gaulle, which made them Fearless.   And their tanks are so cool.

But the Germans had Rommel, and their tanks are super cool.
The road to Paris is open!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Game One of the High Elf vs. Chaos Campaign Or The Triumph of Chaos Armour!

Way back before Christmas, Professor Elf and I had decided that our next match-up would be Chaos vs. High Elf.  It has taken us until this afternoon to finally get around to it.  So, Game One of our three game series, 1000 points, a High Elf intrusion into the Realms of Chaos, the armies meet on a frozen lake in the Chaos Wastes. 

The rules we used were a mismash of 7th and 8th Edition Warhammer (which seems to change every time we play).   

The Elves won first turn and sent their Dragon Princes on an expected flanking move.  The Elf Mage attempted Shield of Saphery but miscast, taking a wound and losing the spell.   Chaos forces then rush forward.  Elf missilefire, with the exception of the bolt thrower, fails to penetrate the mighty armour of my beautiful Chaos Warriors.   Meanwhile, the Dragon Princes align themselves for a charge on the Exalted Heroine's unit. 

      They charge only to be completely cut down by my laughing fiends.  I gave the entire army the Mark Of Nurgle to counter the constant first strike advantage of the Elves, and it worked very nicely.  Next the Professor charged his Phoenix Guard into my Frenzied Banner of Rage Unit and ...I'm not going to mention how they broke under these poncy Elves, but the Phoenix Guard were soon running themselves.  Actually by the end of the seventh turn all the remaining Elves were running.  Great game.  I love Chaos.  I'll end up with a photo of my right flank unit finishing off the Lothern Sea Guard.


Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Heroes of Hoth

The Kid and I had a fun Lego Mini-figs Hoth-like battle this afternoon.  Imperial Snowtroopers tried again and again to storm the Rebel base but the defenders were just too tough and too tricky.  Here's a picture of the victors The Kid wanted me to put on the site:

And one of the lone Imperial survivor: