Sunday, February 26, 2012

Lost Vikings In The Sun

Somehow Olaf's expedition ended up off the coast of Africa a thousand or so years before they started.  (Huh?!)  "Time...Space...", thought Olaf, as he led his men from their dragon boats, " matters not."  Arrayed in front of him lay an entire Carthaginian army. 

It was a surprising game.  Private D. and I  both thought that the Vikings would be quickly crushed.  But no, Toughness 4 is a very big thing.  Together with WS 4, fear-causing, nifty mixed weapon options, and the ability to skirmish, these Vikings are amazing!!!  I can't wait to use them against the Romans!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Game One of the Beastmen vs. Dark Elf series

Began our Beastmen/Dark Elf set with a fantastic 1000 pointer eariler tonight.  It was probably one of the best games with Prof. Elf.  Lots of suspense right to the very end.  Also, no rules fuss, which is nice, 'cause as much as I like playing with Prof. Elf, he is The Master Rules Lawyer and a Great Beard Wearer.   And he seems to be the only player capable of bringing out the 14 year old in me.  Ahhh, those nasty days of adolescent gaming!  How the pursuit of Victory was Everything.  And the arguments and hurt feelings! The six hour plus games.  The smell!  The Peter Gabriel!  Anyway, none of that tonight.  Just pure gaming.  Nice manoeuvring.  Beautiful tactical plays.   And a happy Dark Elf ending.   The only problem was the batteries in the camera kept dying so I only managed a few pictures. 

The glorious charge of the Dark Elf Executioners that finished the battle.

This guy is one of my most favourite Beastmen.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Elf on Elf

Two great games this weekend!  It was Prof. Elf's birthday yesterday so he was allowed to come over for a big game.  Big game meaning all the Wood Elves vs. all the Dark Elves we have.  Roughly 4500+ points per side.  But who cares about points.  I much rather just gather a bunch of figures and simply put them on the table than worry about points and making lists these days.  Funny that, 'cause I used to really enjoy pointing out an army and creating beautifully crafted lists.    Here's some pictures:

A Dark Elf victory, although we called it a draw when Prof. Elf had to leave at midnight.  I continued on, while having a rye loaf bake in the oven.  Well, the battle was interrupted just at its climax by the smoke alarm blaring loudly about my burning loaf!   Warhammer!!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Saturday's Game

Played a wonderful game of modified Ak 47 with Private D. earlier tonight.   No real narrative, just two Imagi-nations going at it in a shared desert.  Really just a happy opportunity to play with tanks and helicopters and blow things up while drinking Private D's fantastic mead. 

Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Blue and Red Affair

Just can't seem to put away the Britains these days.  This afternoon brought about the commencement of the long-awaited, much expected Red and Blue Conflict.   Not sure what caused it, but it was bound to happen. 

I was using a wild mix of Black Powder, WAB and Ak 47 to propell the game along.   The Blue Coats were on the verge of breaking the Red lines...

...until The Kid came home and recruited some reinforcements for the Red Coats.

Private Wierd!!!