Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Zorf Brothers Go A-Walking

The Zorf Brothers a-went a-walking the other night.  They came upon some Orcs.  They befriended them.   Nearby a party of Dwarfs were examining a collection of ruins.   The scene is set.

I was obsessing about pre-slotta Citadel miniatures the other day, so, when everyone went to bed, I set up a table, gathered some pre-slotta guys, and played a solo skirmish using the First Edition of Warhammer Fantasy Battles.   First Edtion is fun for skirmishes and small battles.   Especially if there is time to flip through and get lost in the rulebook(s).  Ahh, 1983.   And here comes The Zorf Brothers and the Orcs.

I wish this picture was a whole lot clearer, but it is still great just to see these fantastic old guys altogether. 

Some classic Grenadier Dwarves among their Citadel brothers.  This picture was snapped right after the Level 1 Dwarf Wizard was thumped by an Orc Boomerang Blade! 

As for the battle, Dwarf missile troops performed well, and the Dwarves in general did better than the Orcs in close combat. 

However, the two giants - The Brothers Zorf - (even though 1st ed. giant stats are low), tipped the balance and the noble dwarfs went down. 
Right to the very end.  All of them.  No running or fleeing from this hardy lot.  Dwarfs!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Government Forces Restore Order

Well, the situation had deteriorated to the point where almost half of the country was in the hands of the Rebels.  There was even talk that the Rebels had made Faustian bargains with our former Colonizers!  Enough was enough, it was time to bring order back to the country.  First stop, the Rebel city of Ja-Wazi.   An elite unit of the 1st Guards Armour was sent.

The Rebels rush into position.                                                                                                                    

Blinded and bolstered by promises of complete superpower air-support, the Rebels call in airstrikes on their brothers.   The sky fills with Jaguars and Mirages.  And SAM missiles!  Much to everyone's surprise, planes start blowing up!  (At this point, The Major, who was playing the Rebels, begins to wonder aloud if we had missed something in the rules about anti-aircraft fire.)   The confidence of the Rebels begins to drop!   More airstrikes.  An Alpha Jet gets lucky and takes out the amazing Gecko Sam.

This encourages the Rebel technicals into a daring but desperate attack towards the GAZ AA truck.

But now the technicals are out in the open and the mighty guns of the T-62's quickly deal with them.   The rest of the Government forces begin to break through the Rebel's defences and enter the city. 

 The Rebel resolve disappears.  The people of Ja-Wazi begin dancing in the streets and showering their liberators with flowers and thanks.  Order has been restored.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

An Armoured Column Passes By

With the table still set up on Sunday,  I threw down some 15mm in the hopes of a solo playtest through Flames of War Moderns. 

A column of armour travels through the lowlands unaware of what lurks about.

But I had no real littlemetal-lust for a battle, especially an ambush.  So I just admired the minis, lovingly pushed them around the table a bit, and then put them away.

The miniatures are a mix of Peter Pig and QRF.   Fantastic looking models!

The Most colonial Colonial Battle of All Time!

On Saturday night I was very pleased to have a game with my brother Sgt. Strange.  Hopefully this will be the first of many more to come.    Since we both love 54mm, out came the Britains.  And with such a mix of disparate figures, it was decided that an epic colonial battle would be most fitting.   The setting was somewhere in one of the occupied terrorities, mid-19th century.  The oppressed peoples have united together once and for all to chase the imperial invaders out of their land(s). 

The battle began with the Native calvary advancing on both flanks, and Native infantry surging forward in the centre.  Imperial fire was strong, but so was the iron will of the Native troops.

The Native horsemen easily overwhelmed the enemy's left flank and proceeded to roll up the rear of the pasty Imperialists.  On the right flank the calvary battle was a bit more even, especially when the Invaders' calvary reserve was thrown into the fray. 

 In the end, only one fighter remained.

 With the flanks secured, now came the time for the expected charge on the centre of the Imperialist line.

However, the Native Foot suffered tremendous casualities and were unable to break through.  It was just as well, since my brother had to head home at this point anyway.    All in all, a wonderful game.    The rules were a modified version of The Sword and The Flame. 

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A kitchen table outside of Moscow 1941

This morning a bunch of Pendraken 10mm armour finally left my painting desk.  These are really great miniatures, beautiful to look at and they have a very satisfying weight to them.   Here are some KV's looking pretty:

I had a bit of an afternoon off today, so I thought I give these Pendraken tanks a whirl.  For rules I decided upon Flames of War (1st edition).  I have had this rulebook for over eight years but have never actually played a game with them.   So on to the kitchen table.  No mat.  Little scenary.  Simply painted miniatures and a 40 minute time limit.   Let's go!   Advance elements of the German army motor towards the villages near Moscow (1941).  An ad hoc Soviet battlegroup rumbles out to meet (and defeat) them.  

T-34's and T-26's move at the Double.  And man, are they fast!

Shells start to fly.  The German tanks hit often but with frustratingly little effect.   Meanwhile, Panzer I's, II's, III's and 38's are exploding all over the place.  When a T-34 does finally brew up it is an event. 

However, it is an event that does not happen enough for the Germans.   The survivors soon high-tail it home.

I really enjoyed this little kitchen skirmish and look forward to really giving FOW and these little tanks further workouts.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

AK 47 in 28mm

Last night I painted two trucks.  Two dollar store treasures turned into 28mm AK47 transport.    Yes, I've been slowly putting together yet one more Ak 47 army, in yet one more scale.  I am a huge fan of the AK 47 game.   Both The Republic and The Reloaded versions.  (And the Lebanon supplement.)  All great and very different gaming experiences.   Anyway, I first bought the rules in 2002 to play in 6mm.  Well, I was in, and then came the 15mm forces.   And then the 20mm.  And now it is time to try it in 28mm.

The force is growing, and I thought it would be cool to document its progress over the next couple of months.  The figures are a mix of Mo-fo (on the left) and TAG (on the right).  Very nice characterful miniatures that paint up well and fast.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Busting out the Britains

In the summer I fell back in love with Britains Deetail Toy Soldiers.  When I think about it, it was Britains that really started the whole mad toy soldier obsession.  I spent hours playing with, looking at, lining up and re-lining up my Britains collection as a boy.  And the joy, the JOY! of going to Lewiscraft and being allowed to buy one 59 cent Deetails Soldier.   Now flashforward 30 odd years and ahh, ebay, and they are no longer 59 cents but there is this whole new version (DSG) of the classic figures, albeit minus the terrific green metal base.

Anyway, the Major is finally back in town but was only available for a quick game.  I mentioned playing a floor game with some Britains (the only way to play!) and so...Mid-19th century, Northwestern Africa, a gathering of Arab tribes attacks a lost  French Foreign Legion. 

The French counterattack with Calvary.

The rules we used were a modified version of the superb The Sword And The Flame.  And that meant D20's and playing cards and wonderfully poetic charges.

However, the thin Blue Line held strong and drove off the heros of valour and honour.

            Victory to the French Foreign Legion.   (But we will be back...)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Vampire Counts sneak out - twice!

Well, about two weeks ago had a nice Warhammer Fantasy 6th Edition battle with Private Swing.   Instead of living down the street, Private Swing now lives on a different island, so our games are now few and far between.   This made our Warhammer game feel like a bit of an event.   I was also very excited to play with my Vampire Counts army again.  To warm up for the game, The Kid and I set up a table in the back yard and he requested Dark Elves. 

The game was wonderfully free-flowing and the Dark Elves were all but unstoppable.  (Especially the Dark Elf "Leader carrying the Magic Head".)   My Spooky Horde was now really grumpy and ready for Private Swing's Empire force.   But they were too anxious!   Without thinking I charged my Black Coach right into a rock-hard Swordsmen unit (complete with Griffon Banner). 

And my zombies kept getting themselves into sticky situations.

While The Grave Guard and the Battle Standard Bearer just watched.  (They ended up not doing a thing for the whole game!)

Just when all looked lost my uber Vampire Lord sliced his way through the Empire General, Captain, Warrior Priest and half a unit of Great Swords.   The rest of the Empire Force immediately ran away just in time for Private Swing's last chance to catch the last ferry.