Monday, October 31, 2011

Romans want to go Roaming

Was supposed to have a Warhammer Ancients battle last night, but the Spartans never showed.  

It's a good thing Romans are so patient.  It was also a good thing to see these guys again.  Hopefully an ancients battle soon. 

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Redlines and Rogue Traders

Since there was no jam last night, I went down to the basement and had a game of 2nd Ed. 40k.  (Second edition because I found some long lost plastic Space Dwarves, and they just screamed out Second edition!)  So it turned out that Rogue Trader Mordecai Pank (formerly of the Imperial Army) had come across a field of classic Redline Wheel Hotwheels.   All he needed now was some help in transporting them onto his ship. 

   His friend and fellow Rogue Trader, Pilot First Class Maxwell Jacobs, agrees to help and enlists a group of eager Squats to assist him.

A squad of of Space Marines also gets involved to make sure everything is on the up-and-up.

Unfortunately, a roving band of Orks roves by.  And they admire the pretty redlines.

All heck soon breaks out.

Leaving the Orks in possession of the Field of Redlines.

Second Edition is so great.  Although what was most amusing was the incredible Psychic phases dominated by the Ork Wierdboy and his mighty, MIGHTY Power Vomit!


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Rapid, Rapid Fire Moderns Breaking In A New Room

Had the first sort-of game in the basement this afternoon.  Metal Liberation Miniatures versus Esci plastics.  Leopard II's with Matchbox military vehicles up against T-72s, T-55s and Btr-80s.   Didn't get a chance to finish the game but that didn't really matter - it was enough just having a few minutes of 20mm joy.

Halloween games

Every Halloween my Vampire Counts come out for a game.  This year they came out for three!  One with the Kid and two with Prof. Elf.  It was decided that Prof. Elf and I would play two 1000 point games, with each of us preparing a Vampire Counts' list and a Lizardmen one.  Even though our lists were very different,  the Vampire Counts lost each game.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Battle At The Farm

After years of just staring at The Battle At The Farm scenario in the Rogue Trader book, I finally played it last night.  It was surprisingly a little bit of disappointment in terms of tactical possibilites, but still fun.  

     Thrugg's Orks return to the farm and stumble upon a bunch of sleeping Space Marines...

     ....who immediately open fire.  Here three poor Orks are caught under the plasma blast template fired by the Space Marine Missile Launcher Trooper.

     The Orks take more and more casualities, but keep on coming.

     Only a few make it all the way into Hand-to-Hand combat.  The picture captures last Ork's last moments in the game.

     Commander Pedro Cantor leads the Space Marine Victory Cheer!