Saturday, June 30, 2012

Daemons Running Free in The Empire

The 2000 point game in the Empire/Daemon campaign.  Our regular 7th/8th combo.  The battle was a real back and forth affair, but still, these Daemons!  How do you beat them?

In the end, one-on-one combat decides it.   My brave Warrior Priest accepts the challenge...

...knowing that Nurgle has 10 wounds(!!!), is Toughness 6, and has a 5+ Ward save and oh, Regeneration!

We will all remember my brave Warrior Priest.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

There's a Zoat on Syrofoamia

No music tonight.  Luckily was able to bring Private N. over for a game.  Introduced him to Rogue Trader.

Seems a Zoat was seen on Syrofoamia.

The Squats (don't call us Squats) want the Zoat.  They need the Zoat.

But so do the Orks.

Reason enough for a fight?

Monday, June 25, 2012

Hanging Out In Wittenlausstein

The little Empire town of Wittenlausstein seems to be a popular rest stop for armies biding their time between Warhammer Fantasy battles here in the Land of The Eternal Privates.

Many of these guys are also here because I wanted to put some 5th Edition Warhammer Fantasy armies together.  From out of nowhere I suddenly want to play 5th Edition!  Maybe it is a reaction to all of the recent excitement over 3rd Edition.  I don't know.  But bring on the magic cards.  Load up the characters, 'cause 5th is coming back to town.  Well, at least the little town of Wittenlausstein.

And then, because I am all over the place, I've also been putting together a 3rd Edition Norse army.


The Invasion of Bretonnia

It was a real treat to play an afternoon game today.  And it was also very nice to be playing again with my good gaming mate, Private D.   He had brought his wonderful Bretonnian army with him.  I met him in Bretonnia with a High Elf Invasion force.  I don't really like High Elves but I was curious to play them.  (My Wood Elves stood in for the High Elves.)

The Elves were very aggressive.  The first turn saw them take out most of  the Bretonnian missile capability.

And then turn on the dreaded Bretonnia knights.

I had a real tooled-up list full of double-handed nastinesses and surprises.   Here are the Phoenix Guard.

The last two members of the Sword Masters.  The whole unit was decimated by Fay magic!

The Paladin charges Prince Wahoo on his funny Moon Dragon.

The Iron-willed Lady of The Stones and her unbreakable unit of bowmen.  This brave lot passed countless Panic and Psychology tests and generally drove me batty.

 The final combat.

Soon there will be no more Bretonnians on the field.

A very great game.

P.S. - This was a pure 7th Edition game.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Playing Chainmail

Wonderful Chainmail has been much on my mind these days.

Earlier tonight, Svenbert the Orange gathered his fellow Norsemen and went looking for the Zorf Brothers.

But they ran into the Major's beautiful brand new classic Dark Elves.   (I love these figures!)

A beautiful game.  And a Dark Elf victory.  One of the Zorf Brothers never made it out of the forest.   Used a mix of the Man-to-Man tables for missile fire, the Fantasy table for the heroes and the regular Combat Tables for the rank and file.  It worked very well.  Although, the magic seemed very strong.  But I like my magic strong!  There will hopefully be much more Chainmail in the very near future.

The glorious heart of Chainmail.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Outside of The Empire's Northern Wall

Prof. Elf and I begin our Empire/Daemon set with a 1000 pointer outside the Great Wall of the Empire.

I put together an all mounted force, but I handled it badly.

I sent my troops off on an ill-conceived flanking move instead of charging full-on right from the start of the battle.  Soon my poor guys were dropping from magic and Flamer bolts.

And the Daemons seemed to pass every single daemonic ward save!

In the end a clear Chaos.victory.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Carpet Gaming

The third Goblin/Skaven game tonight with Prof. Elf.  3600 points a side.  Played on the floor - just wasn't into setting up a table today.  Had a magic heavy force with two Level II Plague Priests, the Grey Seer and a Vermin Lord.   They didn't really do much.  The game itself swung nicely back and forth between the Goblins and the Rats.  At the end of Turn two I thought my Skaven were done.  But they pulled through.  The double punch of the Hell Pit Abomination and The Vermin Lord were pretty impressive, although I normally don't like to stake so much on big creatures and expensive characters.

I took very few pictures tonight.  Forgot about it mostly.  Actually, forgot alot of things tonight.  Like my shooting.  I gave my three 40 strong blocks of Skavenslaves slings and I never used them.  Oh well, it didn't matter much.  The battle was decided by the Vermin Lord and the Hell Pit Abomination breaking the Goblin General's unit.

The Hell Pit Abomination!  I rescued this guy from a box of toys that The Kid was going to pass on.  I then gave him a base and a splash of ink, and ta-da-daaa...instant Hell Pit Abomination!

The rules Prof. Elf and I used were our usual mix of mostly 7th Edition with the best bits of 8th Ed., such as, Thunder Stomp, the Horde and Steadfast rules, Quick to Fire, Supporting attacks, and two rank missile fire.  
We find it works very well and gives a great game.