Saturday, June 23, 2012

Playing Chainmail

Wonderful Chainmail has been much on my mind these days.

Earlier tonight, Svenbert the Orange gathered his fellow Norsemen and went looking for the Zorf Brothers.

But they ran into the Major's beautiful brand new classic Dark Elves.   (I love these figures!)

A beautiful game.  And a Dark Elf victory.  One of the Zorf Brothers never made it out of the forest.   Used a mix of the Man-to-Man tables for missile fire, the Fantasy table for the heroes and the regular Combat Tables for the rank and file.  It worked very well.  Although, the magic seemed very strong.  But I like my magic strong!  There will hopefully be much more Chainmail in the very near future.

The glorious heart of Chainmail.

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  1. I've loved staring at this for hours! What a gift the melee table. Such brutal combat - Enough Talk!