Monday, June 25, 2012

The Invasion of Bretonnia

It was a real treat to play an afternoon game today.  And it was also very nice to be playing again with my good gaming mate, Private D.   He had brought his wonderful Bretonnian army with him.  I met him in Bretonnia with a High Elf Invasion force.  I don't really like High Elves but I was curious to play them.  (My Wood Elves stood in for the High Elves.)

The Elves were very aggressive.  The first turn saw them take out most of  the Bretonnian missile capability.

And then turn on the dreaded Bretonnia knights.

I had a real tooled-up list full of double-handed nastinesses and surprises.   Here are the Phoenix Guard.

The last two members of the Sword Masters.  The whole unit was decimated by Fay magic!

The Paladin charges Prince Wahoo on his funny Moon Dragon.

The Iron-willed Lady of The Stones and her unbreakable unit of bowmen.  This brave lot passed countless Panic and Psychology tests and generally drove me batty.

 The final combat.

Soon there will be no more Bretonnians on the field.

A very great game.

P.S. - This was a pure 7th Edition game.

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