Tuesday, November 22, 2011

9000 point Warhammer Fantasy

After our last warhammer mash-up, Prof. Elf and I decided that the next game would continue the Lizardmen vs. Vampire Counts conflict but at 4000 points a side.  This was later raised to 4500 because Prof. Elf wanted a Vampire on a Zombie Dragon, and I had just scratch-made an Old Blood on a Carnosaur and an Ancient Stegadon.   So, somewhere in distant Lustria...

Besides being the first game for the Ancient Stegadon and the Old Blood on a Carnosaur, it was also the inaugural game on the new 6 by 4 foot board my sweet wife bought me. 

The situation at the beginning of turn 3:

My always reliable Skinks with blowpipes and poisoned darts...

I used two Slann Magepriests and my magic phases were next to non-existent!  Very disappointing.  My only moment of magical possibility came about when I positioned my solo Slann in a perfect spot to cast Cleansing Flare on every VC unit that mattered, and he did it!!  But then, my ever-so-beardy playmate pulled out another one of his poxy Dispell Scrolls.   AHHHH.  With a sigh of resignation my Slann allowed himself to be charged by the Vampire on the Zombie Dragon.    Thankfully, Prof. Elf had to be home  by midnite, so we called it a game and called it a victory for the Vampire Counts. 

Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Other Day I thought how about how perfect third edition 40K would be to use with the plastic Star Wars guys...

Darth Maul and his apprentice lead a daring attack on the Republic base on Garrick Morgan 4.

Obi and a band of Jedis and Wookies come to aid the Clones.

In a blur Darth Maul charges the Jedis, taking out one and wounding everyone else (including two wounds on Obi-wan!).

Luckily a Clone Sniper (the last remaining Clone left in the base) fires a lucky shot into the combat which manages to momentarily divert Darth.

And allow Obi and the remaining Jedis to escape.

Monday, November 7, 2011

A Chance Encounter

Gulrag knew a shortcut to the Norse Villages.  "We's just gotta cross the river by the pretty rocks", he told his band of marauding Goblins.  However, it just so happened that a group of Witch Elves had chose that very same spot to sun themselves before they too descended down upon the Norse Villages.   (Oh, it's hard to find good real estate when you're a Norseman.)   Need it be said, the Witch Elves did not take very kindly to the Goblin intrusion of their sunny afternoon sunning.   And so the stage was set for a quick Warhammer skirmish. 

In the end, the Witch Elves' Frenzy, hatred and poisoned weapons won the day for them.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Something must be done!

Members of the Action Wing of the Ostrich Liberation Front Internationale gather to discuss the situation in Mebland.