Monday, February 28, 2011

Chaos Dwarves, Wood Elves, and an aborted picnic in the Golden Age

Well, since no one seems to be able to game these days, I decided to have a solo game of Warhammer Fantasy (3rd edition using the Magic system from 6th ed.).   Wood Elves and Chaos Dwarves.    The scene is outside a pleasant looking forest.  A group of Chaos Dwarves gather together for their annual Winter Picnic.   However, the Elves of the forest enforce a fierce no-picnic policy anywhere near their precious trees.  Trouble soon ensues...

The first turn started off with the Chaos Dwarf Berserkers charging towards the Wardancers.   Bolts begin to fly from Chaos Dwarf Crossbows.  A few Elves fall.  And then I pick them up...ahh, Jes Goodwin's Elves!  Especially the Wardancers.   One of the joys, and I guess the hazards, of solo-gaming is the fact that it is so easy to stop playing and just admire the beauty and brilliance of the figures. Pretty soon I was picking up every single mini and lovingly admiring the heck out of them.   What a Golden Age the years 1985-1989 were for Citadel.   Wow.  And the variety of poses and figures!    All hail Jes Goodwin!   Kev Adams!  The Perry brothers!  The Morrisons!  Mark Copplestone!   Anyway, suddenly it was after midnight and the game had to be tidied away.    Here's another picture:

Monday, February 7, 2011

Again in Syria, and there is no Rome!

Enjoyed a fantastic Warhammer Ancients (V.1) game with Private D.  on Saturday.   Carthage's attempt to control the Mediterranean Sea is  halted in Syria by a Spartan and Indian Alliance. 

The skirmishers advance.       

And Elephants charge into Elephant on Elephant action!

Maiden Guard Archers deliver one last volley before they take the charge of the Punic heavy infantry.

And then ...Sparta attacks.                                                                                                                        

Driving all before them!  Ha ha ha!  (Unfortunately, the Celts and the Spanish skirmishers make off with the Spartan and Indian Baggage.)

Great, great game with much wacky Warhammer excitements and surprises.  I look forward to much more Ancient gaming.