Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Soviet supplied Imagi-nation

I always feel uncomfortable gaming real battles, and I really prefer to avoid anything contemporary.   But, I just love Modern and Post-war equipment and kit, especially Soviet stuff.  "Give me a tank that starts with a T", is what I always say.  Well, not really, but it would make a great T-shirt phrase.

So here is the Soviet supplied force for one of my Imagi-nations.  It is a nice improbable mix of T-54/55's, BTR-80's and Mi 24 Hind D helicopters.  All of the equipment is from Easy Model (which I got very cheap from China) and the figures are a mix of Esci Spetsnaz (which I hope will be re-released one day soon) and Esci Viet Cong.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Rules, No Rules and the Joy of Play

With conferences, new babies and general AWOLness claiming the other privates, it was another solo game last night.   But that's okay, because that meant I could play with my new robot!

The new robot was immediately posted to Research Station 147 under the care and control of Dr. Heinrich Blotzenbachburger, the sector's Sanctioned Mad Scientist.   But before Blotzenbachburger could install his new secret-secret modifications to the robot (whom he named Jeffery), a roving band of Orks descended upon the station.

The station's Squat defenders stumbled into action and a furious firefight enrupted. 

 At this point I stopped playing Rogue Trader and just began to "jam" out the fight.   I am obsessed with collecting rulesets and various different editions of games that I like, but I also really enjoy just playing.   The wonderful freefall of letting go of a rules-imposed structure at a key moment in a game often leads to even further immersion into the little piece of mad theatre that is being instantly created on the table.   Oi, that was a bit of a mouthfull.  Anyway, the Orks ended up overwhelming the defenders and capturing Jeffery the Robot by throwing a stasis field over him.   Dr. Heinrich Blotzenbachburger's last words:  "Ahh, Jeffery, I always thought you looked too Orky..."