Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Six By Eight Foot Table and Britains

General Julius G. Buster was a glory seeker.  No wonder he paid no heed to suggestions not to ride his 2nd Calvary Troop through The White Feather Territory.

The General seeks out the Chief of the White Feathers.

The last Trooper of the 2nd Calvary is allowed to escape.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A tentative hop onto the 15mm Sci-fi grav-wagon

For the past 18 months or so I have been resisting the plunge into 15mm Sci-fi.  Oh, but it has been hard!  I love looking at all the new (and old) 15mm toys.  And I drool.  And dream.  But I bushido-it knowing that the joys of new miniature binging and whim buying are a thing of the past (and perhaps hopefully a thing of the far-off future).   However, this has its advantages.  The biggest one being I'm forced to paint what I already own.  So when I was painting up some of my Peter Pig Ak 47 helmeted infantry as 70's Soviet Motor Troops, I thought, wait a minute, these could also be Sci-fi Neo-Soviets!  (I have a thing for all things Soviet.)   What a revelation!  Next I rummage through the garage and Huzzah!, I find my crazy Matchbox vehicles that I love but have always wondered what to do with them.  Now I know!  Phase One of 15mm Sci-Fi has begun!  Stargrunt II here we go again!

Stargrunt II in New Amazonia

Troubles in New Amazonia have come to a boil.  In the outskirts of the capital, a Chapterhouse of The New Sisters of Order is under attack.   Stargrunt II provides the framework for the action.  Ground Zero Games' wonderful 25mm figures provide the actors. 

After two rounds of devastating fire from the veteran Nuns atop of their Chapter House...

...and a very surprising, but decisive close combat phase...

...the survivors head back to the hills.                                                                                                           

The adventures in Amazonia will continue...

Monday, January 16, 2012


It seems like all my post titles suddenly have exclamation marks!  Ah, but they all deserve it.  Especially this one, because it was time for Britains!   Yes, it has been much too long since these guys came out of their tins.    Out of their tins and right into North Africa, sometime in the 1870's.  A wagon train carrying much needed supplies is ambushed en route to the French fort.

 French calvary arrives...

I decided to use a slightly modified Legends of the Old West instead of The Sword and The Flame, simply because I was more in the mood for LOTW's Gatling Gun rules.  It was a good choice because it gave Private D. and I an enjoyable, cinematic game.  Although next time I think we'll include a stand and shoot charge option. 

The French wagon train never did make it to the French fort.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

It Snowed!

We actually had some snow today!  Hooray!!  So The Kid and I decided it was time for Hoth again.

The Empire was not so lucky this time.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I bring in the New Year with Dwarfs.  Dwarves!!

Prof. Elf and I celebrated the start of 2012 by playing Part II of our on-going Dwarf Civil War.  In this encounter both sides try and persuade the reclusive Runesmith, Drygold The Mighty, to join their army.  However, Drygold is holed up in a Sacred Grove protected by two Ancestor Hosts. 

My Troll Slayers, led by a Daemon Slayer with the Master Rune of Swiftness and a Rune of Fury, charge into the Sacred Grove in Turn Two.  The Ancestors are not happy.  

But that is of no concern to my Troll Slayers.  In two turns they chase the Ancestors back to the Spirit Realm,  and convince Drygold the Mighty to follow his heart. 

Elsewhere on the battlefield my troops take a lot of missile fire.  But they stand tall.  And proud. 

Lord Karak waits until Long Drong's Pirates unload their puny powder weapons before dispatching them all.  

In the end, my Dwarfs, or rather, The Army of The True Dwarven Path, prove the righteousness of their Cause.  A truly wonderful game and a nice way to begin the year.   It was also great to be playing with Dwarfs again.   Dwarfs were my first fantasy army and they will probably always be my favourite fantasy army.   Happy New Year.