Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I bring in the New Year with Dwarfs.  Dwarves!!

Prof. Elf and I celebrated the start of 2012 by playing Part II of our on-going Dwarf Civil War.  In this encounter both sides try and persuade the reclusive Runesmith, Drygold The Mighty, to join their army.  However, Drygold is holed up in a Sacred Grove protected by two Ancestor Hosts. 

My Troll Slayers, led by a Daemon Slayer with the Master Rune of Swiftness and a Rune of Fury, charge into the Sacred Grove in Turn Two.  The Ancestors are not happy.  

But that is of no concern to my Troll Slayers.  In two turns they chase the Ancestors back to the Spirit Realm,  and convince Drygold the Mighty to follow his heart. 

Elsewhere on the battlefield my troops take a lot of missile fire.  But they stand tall.  And proud. 

Lord Karak waits until Long Drong's Pirates unload their puny powder weapons before dispatching them all.  

In the end, my Dwarfs, or rather, The Army of The True Dwarven Path, prove the righteousness of their Cause.  A truly wonderful game and a nice way to begin the year.   It was also great to be playing with Dwarfs again.   Dwarfs were my first fantasy army and they will probably always be my favourite fantasy army.   Happy New Year.

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