Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Fight in the Hero Factory.

Yee-hah!  Twenty minutes before I go pick up The Kid.  Busted out the Inquisitor guys to play a blast of kitchen table Imperial Commander. 

There is something going on in The Hero Factory. 

Time to go.

Simon Never Saw A Zoat Before...

A quick solo Rogue Trader skirmish earlier tonight.

Simon never saw a Zoat before but now there was one banging on his door.  And it brought friends...the Ulysses gang!!!

So Simon called the local Constabulary.  And they arrived in a flash.

Led by no other than Brother Inspector Monatheus. 

Ulysses knew it was a bad idea to rendezvous with the renegade Zoat here on this primitive world.  But no matter.  He has seen worse.  And he always makes it.

Mad Dog takes aim at the twit in the Space Marine armour...and takes him out.

This is all too much for the local Constables.

And now on to Taris 6...

Monday, March 26, 2012

The Battle of Kafala Pass

Sometimes you just have to have a Post-war/Cold War battle.  I was especially feeling this tonight because I had just finished two QRF M-60's.  I really like the "heft" and weight of these models.  Nice looking too.  Anyway, Kafala Pass leads to the heartlands of both East and West.  East and West are the names of my two Imagi-Nations.  This could be the start of a whole new something...?

Ahh, my brand new M-60!!!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Massacre! - Game Three of The Dark Elf/Beastmen Series

Whew!  Just ended the last game of the Dark Elf vs. Beastmen campaign with Prof. Elf.  3500 points.  We started late so I was fearing a long one, but no, my Dark Elves just plowed through the Beasts!  The Witch Elves (a huge unit of 46 with a heroine) were particularly amazing!  With their poisoned weapons, frenzy and the Cauldron of Blood, they hacked their way through three of the Bad Guy's units and broke his fighting spirit.  A massive Dark Elf victory. 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Why are they blocking the mine?

Another Second Edition Warhammer game tonight.  Lord Asgard's forces are stopped before the Mines of Gwenyth-Fi by a Gnome Army.

Lord Asgard meets the Gnome Major Hero in a challenge.

The Gnome Hero falls and the whole Gnome line crumbles.

Lord Asgard accepts the Gnome Guardians of the The Mine into his army.

And on he journeys...

Monday, March 19, 2012

Green Orks and Green Marines

Private Noob came by for his second game.  This time a straight (mostly) 3rd Ed. 40K.  Orks and my brother's Space Marines.   Poor Orks.  Good chips.  Super game.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Tatooine Tales

Yesterday, The Kid and I realized we hadn't played with the little Star Wars guys for a while.  Actually, it was more me.  I really wanted to get the Wookies out on the table.  And the Stormtroopers.  And then it just went crazy until the table was covered.

 After a major battle, the action shifted to a small adventure involving the three Lukes trying to prevent the five Princesses from being "bountyed".  If the Bounty Hunters succeed in capturing and ransoming the Princesses, they can  buy a fleet of Star Destroyers and take over the galaxy!  ...And Hammerhead will be the Emperor!!   Tut ta Daaa...To be continued...

Monday, March 12, 2012

Game Two of The Beastmen/Dark Elf Series

2000 points tonight.  First turn to Dark Elves.  Had to deal with some poxy scouting Harpies which began the game behind my battleline.  It took two turns of missiling and Hydra breathing before my centre returned to the battle.  My plan was a refused right flank while encircling with my left.  It pretty much worked and the Beasts were crushed. 

My wonderful Dark Elves.   They are probably the army I enjoy the most playing in Warhammer.  (Note:  The dragon is proxying for a second Hydra.)(Hydras never fail to set Prof. Elf off on how underpointed they are and ....and... and...)(I can't wait to play with three Hydras next game! he-he.)

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Warhammer Second Edition

No music tonight which was great because I was going up the wall with excitement over a solo game of Warhammer Fantasy Battles Second Edition.   This was partly inspired by the fantastic new site:  Ye Olde Skool Warhammer.   Second Edition is where it's at!  Hearing this, a bunch of pre-slotta Citadel and Asgard Dwarves journey towards an encounter with some Grenadier Dwarves in the ever-escalating Dwarf Civil War.   Unfortunately, they are ambushed in the night by Orcs of the Smiling Face Tribe.

The Dwarfs form up.

Dwarf crossbows in skirmish order.

Major and Minor Hero challenges.

Members of the victorious Smiling Faces smile for a post-battle group shot.