Monday, March 5, 2012

Private Noob's first game

Welcome to Private Noob!  Private Noob has never played with miniatures but has been curious, so I invited him over for a game.  The situation:  A Superpower's Attack Helicopter has crash-landed in the no-man's land between two rival insurgent groups. 

And both groups want to have an attack helicopter!

The game was a nice excuse to get out my 28mm Ak 47 stuff.

And these guys too.  This was an ebay purchase from a while back.  I think these figs are great.  It is transactions like this that make ebay such a temptation and a danger.

The last technical surrenders.

Used a mash of 3rd Ed. 40k with Force on Force reactions and Ak 47 randomness.  It worked very well, although I think it was a bit too much for a newbie's first game.   Oh well, I hope he'll play again.

1 comment:

  1. Great looking game...very skirmish level looking.

    What adjustments did you make for 28mm play?