Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Eight Different Editions of Joy

I love Warhammer.   I play all eight editions and I love them all.  Last night, Prof. Elf came by and indulged me in a belated birthday game of sixth edition with a splash of third.  I say indulged because it was very hard for him to stray away from our normal 7th/8th edition mash that we've settled into in.  But he did and it was great, and I thank him for it.  

The Empire Army of the North forms up to defend Osloheim.

'Cause here come the Chaos Dwarves!

Chaos Dwarf Beserkers charge ahead.

The Whirlwind, just before it was taken out by a well-aimed Great Cannon shot.

Chaos Dwarves!

Monday, April 23, 2012


Well, it was a nice sunny day outside yesterday, so The Kid and I decided to play some Star Wars.   The Rebel Alliance had determined that a new Rebel base must be established in the Zeldaraan system.   A fleet was dispatched.

Ah, but the Empire has ears everywhere, so an Imperial flotilla of mighty (and mightily beautiful) warships were waiting for the Rebels.

The battle was fierce, yet somehow the Rebels managed to breakthrough the Imperial blockade and land an instant pre-fab base on Zeldaraan.

An Imperial invasion force makes an orderly landing outside of the instant pre-fab base.

The White Hats are now well-practiced in meeting Stormtroopers!

Together with the Zeldaraan's native Wookie population (?) the Rebels again successfully defeat the forces of the Empire.    This is cause for much celebrating.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Hot Wheels, Britains Party

Private Noob was up for a full 'play' with Britains once everyone was asleep tonight.  Great fun.  First turn was decided by a Hot Wheels race to the downstairs kitchen. 

The Red and Blue conflict continues. 

This time a border clash over the control of the brown plastic hill.

Rules were made up on the spot and they were brilliant!  Think I'll call'em Battling with Britains!

Incidentally, although the plastic brown hill changed hands several times throughout the game, the Blue Coats lost.  But they will be back!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Destroy the Droid Power Generators!

 The Kid wanted to have a Star Wars game with the D20's.   Jedis and Clone Troopers were sent to destroy the Power Generators that control the Droids in this system. 

The Droids were sent en mass to stop the Republic intruders.

Yoda takes care of the battle-droids.

Ventress surprises Ahsoka. 

General Grievous leads a last ditch attempt to save the generators.  But it is too late.  The Republic blows them up and the droids all de-activate.   Grievous vows to to return again...

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Elves on The March!

The Elves are on the move...

The Other Three Teach Khorne a Lesson.

Seems that Khorne entered the Plane of Mortals, put together an army, and began loudly proclaiming his mastery of the multiverse.  The Lord of Change would have none of it.  He called the other Two and together they taught the Blood One a lesson.   Sixth Edition (mostly) with Private D. tonight.  A little long but good. 

Chaos Dwarves from Scandanavia.

FranThor doing his best Bloodthirster.

Nurgle just being good ol' Nurgle.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Cowboys and Percentage Dice

I wanted to refamiliarize myself with Donald Featherstone's fantastic Skirmish Wargaming rules tonight.   Luckily the Britain Boys and the Airfix Gang were at it again.

This little work-out brought back many pleasant memories of playing with these rules.  It was also really fun to roll percentage dice again.  01 to 100!  Hopefully I can get the other privates excited about playing some Featherstone games soon.