Sunday, April 3, 2011

Vampire Counts sneak out - twice!

Well, about two weeks ago had a nice Warhammer Fantasy 6th Edition battle with Private Swing.   Instead of living down the street, Private Swing now lives on a different island, so our games are now few and far between.   This made our Warhammer game feel like a bit of an event.   I was also very excited to play with my Vampire Counts army again.  To warm up for the game, The Kid and I set up a table in the back yard and he requested Dark Elves. 

The game was wonderfully free-flowing and the Dark Elves were all but unstoppable.  (Especially the Dark Elf "Leader carrying the Magic Head".)   My Spooky Horde was now really grumpy and ready for Private Swing's Empire force.   But they were too anxious!   Without thinking I charged my Black Coach right into a rock-hard Swordsmen unit (complete with Griffon Banner). 

And my zombies kept getting themselves into sticky situations.

While The Grave Guard and the Battle Standard Bearer just watched.  (They ended up not doing a thing for the whole game!)

Just when all looked lost my uber Vampire Lord sliced his way through the Empire General, Captain, Warrior Priest and half a unit of Great Swords.   The rest of the Empire Force immediately ran away just in time for Private Swing's last chance to catch the last ferry.  

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