Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Zorf Brothers Go A-Walking

The Zorf Brothers a-went a-walking the other night.  They came upon some Orcs.  They befriended them.   Nearby a party of Dwarfs were examining a collection of ruins.   The scene is set.

I was obsessing about pre-slotta Citadel miniatures the other day, so, when everyone went to bed, I set up a table, gathered some pre-slotta guys, and played a solo skirmish using the First Edition of Warhammer Fantasy Battles.   First Edtion is fun for skirmishes and small battles.   Especially if there is time to flip through and get lost in the rulebook(s).  Ahh, 1983.   And here comes The Zorf Brothers and the Orcs.

I wish this picture was a whole lot clearer, but it is still great just to see these fantastic old guys altogether. 

Some classic Grenadier Dwarves among their Citadel brothers.  This picture was snapped right after the Level 1 Dwarf Wizard was thumped by an Orc Boomerang Blade! 

As for the battle, Dwarf missile troops performed well, and the Dwarves in general did better than the Orcs in close combat. 

However, the two giants - The Brothers Zorf - (even though 1st ed. giant stats are low), tipped the balance and the noble dwarfs went down. 
Right to the very end.  All of them.  No running or fleeing from this hardy lot.  Dwarfs!

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