Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Imperial Commander

Every couple of months it seems I pull out the Imperial Commander rulebook, thumb through it thinking, man, I really want to play this, then I put it back on the shelf again.  Last night I decided enough is enough, set up a table, gathered some Rogue Trader Era guys (any excuse to play with them), and played Imperial Commander.  
An alert rings out at the local Imperial garrison - someone is in the Forbidden Zone exploring the ruins of New Babylon.   A platoon of Imperial troops is ordered to find and deal with these trespassers.

Anyway, the skirmish that resulted doesn't really matter, it was great, but it was the rules themselves that most interested me.  I really liked the flow of action that Imperial Commander provided.  The double movement (which works a whole better here than in Rogue Trader or early Warhammer editions), the simultaneous fire in both player's turns, the constant chance of weapon malfunction and/or ammo problems, the way rallying is handled, and especially the brilliant close combat phase, all make Imperial Commander truly quite wonderful.   I also love that it was written in 1981 by Bryan Ansell and Richard Halliwell.   I am such a sucker for 70s-80s gaming.  I really want to find and try Rick Priestley's and Halliwell's fantasy set, Reaper, sometime.  And also Laserburn.  And some Chainmail soon would be great too.   Ahh, yeah.  To game all the time.   One day.   But Imperial Commander, yeah, I hope to get in a lot more games of it. 

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