Thursday, June 30, 2011

Kitchen Table Gaming

Kitchen Table Gaming is the way to go for games in a hurry.  I had a hour and a burning desire for a Cold War Commander game.  Actually managed two!  Both inspired by last night's History Channel's Tank Battles episode of the Six Day War.   First one, an Israeli armoured group surprises a Egyptian supply column.

The Egyptians had to exit the opposite table edge with at least 50% of their convoy to claim victory.  And it almost happened too.  Fortunately for the Israelis, their Centurions have stablizers which allowed them to fire on the move, and take out one last truck to snatch a narrow win.  
Next up, a massive Egyptian armoured force is rushing to the Suez Canal to escape the Israelis overrunning the Sinai.  Waiting for them is the same Israeli force from the previous game.  (Note the M60's doing their best M48 impressions.  The Isherman is their HQ vehicle.)

In order to negate the superior long range performance of the Israeli tanks, the Egyptians charge forward at full speed.  They take a lot of casualties but still push on and on.  When they finally reach short range, all the remaining T-55's and T-34's open up.  Their massed fire immediately takes out two M48s. 

Even the Centurions start brewing up!   Suddenly the Israelis have to take a Break test, which they pass.    Some more T-55's explode.  But the Egyptians keep on coming and keep on firing.  Two more Magachs go down, and the Israelis have had enough.  What an exciting little battle!  Cold War Commander!  GHQ tanks!

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