Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Coldwar Commander Clash 1989

The Major and I missed our game for Saturday due to this unending bug that has hit the Island.  Anyway, we toughed it out last night to go to Southern Syria in 1989.  The backstory is way too convoluted to explain with a straight face, so please just accept that an Anglo-Jordanian force is in Southern Syria to deflect a cunning Soviet supported Iraqi right hook into Jordan.   And here comes the Iraqis:
But the British were quick to enter the area.
And started to inflict heavy casualties on the Iraqis, forcing them to the brink of breaking when suddenly the Soviets arrive!
With incredible daring (and luck!) the Soviets make it unscathed to Al-Halifala.
Things began to go downhill from there for the brave British and Jordanians.
Until finally, with all the Challengers burning, and the Warriors and Scorpians fleeing, the last of the Jordanians break and run.
Great game!  It was a joy to push around some mirco-scale toys and play Coldwar Commander again.

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