Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Hold The Line!

I love tanks.  Mostly modern/Cold War era stuff.  But yesterday I was thinking about all the possibilities that the 1950's offer in terms of tank vs. tank combat, whether real or Imagi-nation style.  And then I watched a Greatest Tank Battles epsiode on youtube last night - Tanks in the Korean War.   Oh yeah.  So this afternoon, with a 40 minute block of time, out came the T-34/85's and the Shermans.   The situation was dire.  The Communist forces had crossed the porch and were speeding through the hallway.  They must be stopped before they reached the kitchen or all would be lost for the Imperialists. 

An understrength division of unpainted Airfix American Marines were sent to hold the line.

Before long a mixed bag of Shermans also joined in the defense of the Kitchen Line.

The T-34/85's hit hard.  The Imperialists had to call in airpower and a battery of self-propelled guns to try and stop the horde of seemingly unstoppable Communist armour.   It was a nailbiter.  Causalities were ridiculuously high on both sides, but neither would break.  It had to go right to the bitter end.  And it did.  When the smoke finally started to clear, all that remained was one badly damaged Sherman.  The Imperialists had won!  Freedom was preserved!

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